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Learning by repetitive body movement

The Sqriba is utilizing the learning by repetitive body movement. By training the perfect movement to write a character in a fun way, the Sqriba user can learn how to write more nicer in a faster way, where it is for children especially not a boring exercise. Scientific studies support this approach, for example a 2016 study at the University of Hiroshima.

The summary of the study says: Repetitive movements in slow-learning stages can alter an area of the brain responsible for movement, and help individuals retain these motor skills, researchers have found.

Source: ScienceDaily. Published: 10 March 2016

Repetitive body moments may form long-lasting motor memory

The benefit of applying the Sqriba can be even bigger as the following study reveals: ‘It was confirmed that reading speed was significantly associated with handwriting speed’. There seems to be a proven correlation between writing and reading skills.

Source: ScienceDirect. Published: 9 September 2016

Children’s ability to learn a motor skill is related to handwriting and reading proficiency