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Sqriba makes wrtiting easy to practice

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Using the Sqriba has many benefits

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Classroom Program Avaliable

Facilitate the classroom with multiple Sqribas

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Worldwide Shipping

The Sqriba can be delivered worldwide

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Enjoy the Sqriba

When you always had the desire to have a beatiful handwriting,
The Sqriba is the answer for you!

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Deserve a beautiful hand writing style

The Sqriba can be used in the class room or even at home,
it comes with an easy to follow programm.

  • Outstanding Design

The Sqriba has been developed by an initiative in cooperation with the Haagse Hogeschool and the Technical University Delft. It started with the idea and dream to teach children writing skills with the help of Robotica.

  • How it works

The Sqriba is a self moving pen which helps you with patented technology to write the perfect characters and you don’t have to do much effort for it. It is actually a lot of fun! Simply grab the pen and the Sqriba will train your mind and muscles.

An innovative method
to get improved handwriting skills

Learning efficiency 0%

When you want to improve your handwriting or want to teach handwriting to your students. The Sqriba is the perfect choice.

Switch to the Sqriba,
easily keep your time

Ideal for schools, children can improve their handwriting by just every day

practice and have a lot of fun. The best part… children can manage by themselves the Sqriba!

Join the hand writing learning experience

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