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Below you can find a list with research conducted in the past 10 years. All this research prove that the help of a robotic device during therapy can increase efficiency and lead to better and faster results.

Scroll down to see the list of scientific research related to robot aided therapy and click on the link to read the full articles.

Vanoglio F, Bernocchi P, Mulè C,  Garofali F, Mora C, Taveggia G, Scalvini S, Luisa A

Feasibility and efficacy of a robotic device for hand rehabilitation in hemiplegic stroke patients: a randomized pilot controlled study.


Changa, Won Hyuk; Kim, Yun-Hee

Robot-assisted Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation


Balasubramanian S, Colombo R, Sterpi I, Sanguineti V, Burdet E

Robotic assessment of upper limb motor function after stroke.


Balasubramanian S, Klein S, Burdet E

Robot-assisted rehabilitation of hand function.