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Sqriba makes it easy to practice writing

Doing writing exercises the traditional way can be rather challenging. Especially for children.
It can be difficult to remain focused on the exercise. In addition it is not encouraging when the first characters are not perfect.

The Sqriba is changing this completely. By using an innovative patented technology the Sqriba writes the perfect character over and over again.
It is only required to hold the pen with your favorite grip and the Sqriba is doing the rest. People experience the Sqriba as pleasant and you don’t have to stay focused all the time.

The movement of the stylus in your hand teaches you to the perfect writing movement from the very beginning.

Writing is a complex combination of movements and visual feedback. For this reason a screen is available to show the character being written.
The touchscreen also allows to select your lessons which you like to follow. When you want to set the Sqriba to practice the same characters or words with an existing method, that is possible too.

Improving your technical handwriting is with the Sqriba just a matter of allowing yourself to spend time with the Sqriba, this can be done with or without a teacher.