Changing fine motoric training

What is Sqriba?

Sqriba is a specially developed product that can aid in regaining the fine motorics of the hand by carrying out writing exercises. Our design based on 3D-printing technology guides the user through the selected exercises. This works via Sqriba’s patented magnet connection which drives the pen on the table top and thereby controls the hand and finger movement of the patient. Making use of magnets enables a smooth learning experience and prevents the patient being forced in positions they are not able to go.


A motivating way of rehabilitating

Rehabilitate in the safe environment of a patient’s home.

Increases therapeutic efficiency

Multifunctional use

Configurable to the skill level of your patient

Range of lessons

Sqriba offers a large variety of exercises. These lessons range from basic shapes, such as circles and lines, all the way up to letters and numbers. Within these lessons you will be able to adjust the size and the speed to suit your level. Also, we regularly update the range of lessons so that you will never run out of practicing material.

What others say about us

Read what others have to say about Sqriba!

“Before the writing robot, some children tended to give up if they failed. Now I say: think of the Sqriba and then they suddenly have the movement again!”

“Writing is much more important than most people think,” says Van de Rozenberg. “It has so many advantages over a keyboard. Everything you write down, for example, is much better stored in your long-term memory than when you type it.”

“Sqriba is a robot that helps the teachers in primary school De Kleine Prins in Diest to teach children how to write. It is the first writing robot in the country and they are enthusiastic about the results in Diest.”