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What is Sqriba?

Sqriba is a product that can aid in regaining the fine motorics of the hand by carrying out writing exercises. The operation of the Sqriba rests on actively mobilizing the muscles used when writing by hand. Our design based on 3D-printing technology guides the user through the selected exercises.

This works via Sqriba’s patented magnet connection which drives the pen on the table top and thereby controls the hand and finger movement of the user. Making use of magnets enables a smooth userexperience and prevents the user of being forced in positions they are not able to go.

Useful features.

Sqriba offers a wide variety of exercises to its users. These exercises range from basic shapes, such as circles and lines, to letters and transitions.

Within these lessons you can adjust the size and speed to the level of your patient. We also regularly update the range of classes so that you never have to practice without material. This material is easy to download to your Sqriba via Wi-Fi.

Size matters.

Height: 135 mm

Width: 510 mm

Depth: 515 mm

Weight: 7 kg


A key feature of Sqriba is its size. With conventional orthopedic devices being rather big (to say the least) a space-efficient device is a welcomed change. Its footprint is roughly a quarter of a square meter and this makes it a very space-efficient device.

Different user, different grip.

Writing starts with a good posture and pen grip. However, some users may prefer a different pen grip and thus a different stylus. To accommodate everyone’s wishes we provide three types of styluses.



This stylus has similarities with a regular pencil. Its hexagon-shaped body allows for finger placement at 6 faces of stylus and makes it a very versatile pen to use.



Among our styluses the Tri-Stylus is our best-rated one. It naturally provokes a correct finger placement, making this stylus the preferred choice for many users.



You have to be used to this stylus to be able to work with it. Its finger rests do not allow for versatile use. But, we notice that people with a preference for this stylus simply show the best results with this stylus.

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Adjustable lesson programs

The lessons provided are freely adjustable in speed and size to everyone’s needs.

Frequent updates

Thanks to frequent updates you never run out of practicing material. These are easily downloadable to you device with the touch of a button.

Plug and Play

With Sqriba everything is eazy. The only thing you need to do is plug into any power socket, press the ON-button and you’re ready to get started!

Audio Support

You can get instant audio support just by plugging your favourite headphones into Sqriba! A friendly voice will then guide you trough all the lesson programs and even helps you during the exercises.

Order now!

Do you want to buy Sqriba to use at work, your practice, at school or at home? Do not hesitate and contact us for information on prices and services. We offer both rental devices and purchasable devices.

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